Phone Lense

A useful, fun and engaging promotional gift.


Types of lenses included

  • Macro
  • Wide Angle
  • Fish-eye

Welcome to Phone Lens

Useful, Fun, Engaging

2-Lens-bag-and-phone-lensesPeople use their mobile phones every single day all day.   One of the most useful features on a phone is the camera. Now you can these phone camera’s by adding lenses that give stunning effects. The point of a gift or a promotional item is that it should be useful, fun and engaging for the recipient. We know from personal experience that we had a lot of fun and spent a lot of time playing with these lenses.

Each lens is made of aluminium which holds a high clarity glass lens. Each lens has its own cap for easy storage in the provided protective bag. These lenses are compatible with all phones, and most tablets.   Whether you have an Android device or an Apple device, if it has a built in lens this clip on lens will be compatible.


How it Works


1-Phone-lens-attached-to-phoneEach set comes with three lenses that screw into a plastic clip. The plastic clip simply clips onto the edge of your phone. You can then look into the lens to centre it over your phone lens then you are ready to shoot. Clip it on and off in an instant.


Macro Lens

Macro-lens-photo-1This amazing lens allows you to get really, really close to any object to photograph it.  In fact as this was being typed we took a photo of the word Macro above on our computer screen.

Yes, believe it or not, the image above is a rather shaky photo of our computer screen. The detail this amazing lens can achieve will have you passing your phone around to show other people the pictures you have taken. The world in Macro is amazing.




Wide angle

The wide angle lens is very handy for when you capture a wide scene that your phone lens cannot manage, for example a cityscape or a large group of people. The wide angle lens will help solve the problem for you.

To use the wide angle lens you first screw the macro lens into the holder and then you screw the wide angle into the macro lens. Together they become the 0.67x wide angle.
wide angle comparison photo 2


Fish Eye

Fish eye photoFisheye lenses are actually ultra-wide angle lenses which capture rounded images instead of square ones. They make everyone look like they are living in a bubble. You will have great fun experimenting with this effect. Post these pictures to your favourite social media and you will get a great response.